Analyse any property, know where to buy, boost your returns and manage your properties in one place

Track, manage & optimise the performance of your properties

Your property dashboard right in your pocket

Instantly see your property portfolio value, how much equity your have, what return it’s producing and your loan to value ratio. Drill down and monitor individual properties to quickly identify areas to adjust and improve.

Save time and increase productivity

With everything stored in one handy place, you can keep track and easily update tenant information, property valuations, loans and expenses.

Track the profitability of your property investments

Charts on the dashboard give you a view of money going in and out. Make better decisions knowing how much cash and the return each property is generating.

See your property investments growth potential

Instantly see the potential future value of your portfolio and individual properties, showing what your portfolio be worth in five or ten year’s time.

Grow your property portfolio faster

Maximise your profits with powerful property management software

Make your property investments work for you. Improve performance, gain visibility into your financial returns and keep track of your documents in one place.

See at a glance how your property portfolio is performing

See if your investments are growing or declining on previous month or year. Identify properties that are doing better, and ones that need more attention. Compare how properties are performing against each other on key metrics.

Discover your top performing properties

Understand what type of property in which suburbs perform the best and optimise your property portfolio to suit.

Know when to grow your portfolio

We do the calculations for you in an easy to understand format, showing how much you own and how much the bank owns. So you know when to grow and buy more property.

Share with your advisors

Our safe and secure platform will keep your financial data safe

All your data is stored safely in the cloud, making it easy to share with your advisors. Easily access any time of day, wherever you are.

Quick and easy loan applications

You can safely share your property portfolio with your mortgage broker, making applying for the next loan quick and easy, with all documents and finances in one place.

Effortless tax time

Share with your accounting professional to view your portfolio and provide valuable real-time advice. Having up-to-date information makes tax time a breeze


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